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Director: Elliot Cohen PGCE(HE) PhD CPsychol

Psychology, Philosophy and Psychotherapy

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UK Institute of Psychosomanautics
The Northern School of Daoist Studies at Leeds Metropolitan University and Manchester Academy for Transpersonal Studies
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The Manchester Academy for Transpersonal Studies is delighted to announce a forthcoming partnership and ongoing collaborations with the Synthesise co-operative, transpersonal studies centre in Manchester.

Waking from sleep

Steve Taylor's new book 'Waking From Sleep: the Causes of Awakening Experiences and How to make them Permanent' has just been published by Hay House UK, and is now available on Amazon (and in Waterstone's). It's had the following endorsements from Eckhart Tolle and Ervin Lazslo:

'One of the best books on spiritual awakening I have read. An important contribution to the global shift in consciousness which is happening on our planet.' Eckhart Tolle.

'The most enlightening book about enlightenment I have ever read.' Ervin Lazslo.

The book is available to order at

Here is a short clip of Steve talking about the book:

For more information contact him at

What do you mean by Transpersonal?

Let us begin by asking who it is that is reading these words right now. Who are you? Are you your body, your thoughts, your memories, your opinions? Are you all these things all the time, some of these things some of the time? Are you merely the accumulated memory of all you have ever sensed and experienced? As you read this do you begin to suspect that there is perhaps something more mysterious at play? Where does this feeling of being arise from?

Transpersonal literally means to look beyond the limited, self-imposed personal sphere, with the ultimate aim of transforming or transcending this small sense of ‘I'. It is often placed under the grand heading of Spirituality, the Spiritual Dimension, Path and Experience. To this extent the Transpersonal realm is concerned with Human potential and wholeness.

Transpersonal Studies includes the study of all the world's great Wisdom Traditions, Philosophy (Eastern and Western), Mythology, Anthropology, Mysticism and Psychology.

Growing interest in the Transpersonal?

In recent years there has been an increasing amount of interest in Transpersonal experience from the British Psychological Society (which has a Transpersonal Section), and the Royal College of Psychiatrists (which has a spirituality special interests group).

Previous courses have been run at Manchester University's Centre for Continuing Education, to great acclaim. Due to their popularity it is hoped that they may be offered at additional locations, open to the general public


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